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It is the 21st century but we still cannot do without wires. We are surrounded by wireless systems of all possible forms, we leave a café because there is no Wi-Fi, security system manufacturers are competing to offer better wireless hubs, sensors or cameras, but despite all that, it is simply not possible without cables.

Structured cabling, a set of metallic and optical elements, have become the backbone of information and security systems for office buildings, production facilities, but also for modern family houses. Demands for transmission speed, reliability, bandwidth and component quality are constantly growing. At the beginning of each project it is advisable to consider what performance cables to choose. These days 6 and 6A categories are most popular. A nice bonus offered by the 6A category is the compatibility with the latest transmission protocols. Cabling of lower categories, practically only category 5E, are much more cost-effective, but they have limitations that cannot be overcome (transmission speed 1 Gb/s).

Structured cabling are the only one, although probably the most visible part of low-voltage distribution systems, which we use every day. A number of standards defining fire resistance, quality and design apply to various cables. Each set of cables in our offer includes a specific cabling. The entire product portfolio of ELTES offers various cables, modules, switchboards and cabling systems supplied by established manufacturers. As a standard, our products are covered with an extended 5-year warranty and we also provide quality certificates and measurement protocols.

For more information about cabling systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.