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CCTV surveillance systems or simply a camera system

The term " CCTV surveillance systems " applies more to the original role of camera systems than to the actual reality of today. Analogue systems that use coaxial cables and a separate power supply network are a thing of the past. It is not possible to compare cameras, recording devices or video management systems with today's IP technology. Above all, the purpose of modern camera systems has completely changed. The most important thing in the past was to find a certain recorded event, or to be able to provide online monitoring. Cooperation with other security systems was limited. Today's IP camera systems are a truly effective tool for preventing security incidents. The combination of high resolution and sensitivity, and the number of analytical functions supported by state-of-the-art cameras, sometimes equipped with artificial intelligence, make modern camera systems the most important part of integrated security systems.

Analytical camera functions brought about a fundamental change. It is no longer about finding a record of someone who left their luggage in a public place and then vacating the building, calling a dog handler or pyrotechnician and activating the integrated security system. Eventually, the forgetful professor appears and wants his forgotten briefcase back. Unfortunately, the reality of today's life is different and a briefcase may indeed be dangerous. The most important thing is to be able to notify certain people that luggage has appeared somewhere it wasn't, and properly intervene with the intention to eliminate the risk to people or property. But this is not the end. Other analytical functions are capable of recognising the person who left the luggage and tracing their movement around an object, the premises or city. At the same time, security guards, security services and police officers can get a photo of the wanted person on their smartphones, including the current location of the person of interest. There are a number of analytical functions, some of which are supplied by the manufacturer together with the camera, some that can be purchased from the manufacturer, or you can even use third-party analytical functions.

CCTV according to ELTES, s.r.o .:

Covid-19 has significantly affected our lives

  • We supply camera systems that help us return to the normal world as quickly as possible. A combined camera, which accurately identifies a person and scans their temperature, can thereby effectively help identify people who display Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Together we can do it – at the entrance to a museum, at exhibitions, but also at your shopping centres or branches, we can verify the occupancy of indoor spaces using a CCTV surveillance systems and thereby help you to efficiently comply with government regulations and fight the pandemic.
  • Face masks and respirators have become a regular part of our lives. Yet sometimes we forget. We are only human after all. Face Mask Detection alerts you if a visitor, client or guest without a face mask entered your facility, or even if the visitor is wearing the mask incorrectly. Another analytical function will give you the option to monitor the distances between people

Higher security level

  • The IP products of established manufacturers of camera systems are highly integrated into unified monitoring and user management systems and are a requirement for tailor-made projects.
  • We know that it works. Our modular, flexible and secure solutions can make full use of your infrastructure.
  • We supply video management as an integral part of a comprehensive security solution. We use specialised video management suppliers as well as third-party applications for systems ranging from a "pair of cameras" to those with hundreds of cameras in many buildings.  

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