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Consulting and advisory activities

The speed at which the world has been changing in recent decades is unprecedented in our history. Each day brings new challenges, possibilities and opportunities. However, new threats, risks and dangers arise hand in hand with them. The protection of people, property, information, but also privacy and family has become a sought-after and prosperous field. We specialise in the design and subsequent implementation of comprehensive security systems that will bring you peace of mind in today's turbulent world. We have been operating under the same brand on the market for more than 25 years while maintaining an unchanged ownership structure. In more than a quarter of a century, we have gained a lot of experience, but we have also seen many failed projects. We will be honoured to guide you through the process and actual implementation of a new or restructured security system to ensure the result meets your expectations.

This cannot work without consultation in an environment of mutual trust. Before asking you for any details, we will provide you with a non-disclosure agreement in which we will commit ourselves to the protection of shared information. The agreement defines significant penalties should we breach our obligations.

But now, let us get to work. Our team of consultants will be implemented according to the scope of the planned project and the anticipated technological and software solution. Each meeting will be led by a responsible project manager from the outset. Consulting and advisory activities include the comprehensive assessment, risk analysis and elaboration of a relevant solution based on your requirements and intention. The final solution usually takes the form of a system project, which is a binding guide for designers. It is this system project that eliminates any unwanted surprises when everything is practically finished and a sudden discovery indicates something is not working as expected.

The entire system project, although prepared by us, is your property, so you can entrust its implementation to another supplier of your own. If we gain your trust, we will be happy to provide qualified supervision over the implementation of your project. We believe that we can save you a lot of time, stress and, most importantly, unnecessary costs.

Introductory consultations are free. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.