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Cybersecurity is still perceived by many people as just computer protection. However, this idea has nothing to do with the present reality. The arrival of the Internet has given rise to an entirely new space, practically a new world, new world where we have cyberspace. Modern communications, social networks and high-performance computers have drawn most of the current population into this world regardless of borders, social status, religion or race. With each day, we entrust more and more of our privacy to this world. Through it, we manage private, corporate but also state finances, we control households as well as manufacturing processes. It is almost impossible to find an area that is as yet unaffected by this phenomenon. However, the downside of the benefits is the emergence of cybercrime. Hackers direct their attacks against state institutions, banks, hospitals, commercial enterprises and private individuals.

We face the challenge of making full use of the potential of modern information technologies on the one hand, and countering the ever increasing attacks on the other. In our company, we believe that the only right way is to introduce the latest computer network management tools. A firewall is no longer enough. We must focus on data flows and their monitoring, while the analysis of network behaviour also comes into play.

If you want your 'business' to remain solely under your own control, do not hesitate to contact us.