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For students

We support young people and their interest in studying technical fields

The magic of technical disciplines is greater for the current generation of students than it might seem based on the number of enrolled students. We consider it important to motivate future and current students, to show them what kind of employment they will gain in the labour market based on their education and, of course, to support the best financially as well.

The prerequisite for obtaining support in the form of a motivational contribution from our company is a motivational letter, submission of an application for the ELTES support programme, an introductory employment interview, and conclusion of an agreement on a future employment contract and proper course of study. For students who meet all the criteria needed for obtaining this support, we provide a fixed monthly allowance for tuition, travel compensation, meals and accommodation during their studies, up to a maximum of CZK 5,000 per month for a high school student, and up to a maximum of CZK 10,000 per month for a university student. Upon successful completion of their studies, and in accordance with the employment contract, the student becomes our new colleague. The employment contract is concluded for a period of 5 years, the fulfilment of which will cover the costs incurred by ELTES for the provision of the support. Each full year worked shall represent a proportional part of the total cost.

We provide students with internships, practical experience in the relevant field and advanced full-time and online courses. A popular form of support includes study stays abroad, which we also support within our programmes.  

How does the ELTES support programme work?

Our support programme is designed for students of technical schools who wish to responsibly and pro-actively approach their future employment. There is no legal right to receive the support for the company; it is always dependent on the individual assessment of the student's application for support.

A contract defining the preparation for the future professional performance at our company will be concluded with successful recipients of the ELTES support programme. It is an agreement on a future employment contract and on the provision of an incentivised allowance concluded in accordance with the new Civil Code.

An integral part of the agreement with the applicant is the obligation of the applicant to complete a 1-month internship at ELTES each school year in which the support is provided. This enables the student to already acquire practical skills during their studies, thanks to which the graduate's adaptation process and integration into implementation teams is significantly shorter.  

Benefits of support:

  • regular financial support of the student,
  • favourable conditions and clear rules – amount of support, duration of support,
  • individual approach to each student,
  • guaranteed professional practice during studies,
  • secure future employment.

Conditions for the payment of support / motivational allowance:

  • certificate of study,
  • motivational letter,
  • completed application (available for download below),
  • conclusion of a future employment contract (download below),
  • achievement of required study results,
  • the student must not have any unexplained absence during the given year; absence must be excused in accordance with the Education Act,
  • the student must not be issued any disciplinary measures during the school year, however, the company representative will consider special cases,
  • meeting the conditions to receive support,
  • the achievement of the grade average in professional disciplines must be evaluated with a maximum mark of 2.0 and, within the practical training, the student must receive no worse than excellent mark.

The amount of the basic monthly motivational allowance will be paid for the duration of the school year; it will not be paid during school holidays and during study interruptions.

Each student is also obliged to achieve the following during the study:

completion of a 1-month internship at ELTES within each school year the support is provided.