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Integration – intelligent security systems

Intelligent security systems are increasingly used in our everyday life. They are no longer only the systems of "select" investors. Deep integration of individual subsystems, sometimes collectively referred to as "Unified Safety Systems", lowers operating costs, increases environmental user comfort and, above all, improves efficiency. Nevertheless, in practise we still encounter different opinions about what a truly intelligent security system is, and what objective criteria the system must meet. In our view, an intelligent system is a dynamically evolving tool that can, through predefined processes, respond in a timely and independent manner to changes in default parameters, and which is able to adapt to its users. Therefore, the system increases the quality of the environment in which the system users work or live. At the same time, such system meets today's standards, i.e., it uses advanced technologies, is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. An ideal safety system works "in the background" of the relevant operation, while certain restrictions are perceived by its users as natural.

Today's security technology market offers various security, access or camera systems. Most of them allow autonomous control and provide more or less interesting applications for management and monitoring. If we "let" these sometimes, even very, expensive toys into our buildings, offices and industrial areas without everything being carefully thought out in advance, we can significantly devalue a substantial part of our investment. The main strength of intelligent security systems lies in the added effect of simultaneous operation of security, access and camera systems compared to the simple sum of the system effect. An intelligent security system never closes in on itself. The system shares selected information, but also respectively draws data from other systems, such as measurement and regulation, electronic fire alarms, evacuation radio, attendance or catering systems and electronic key deposits. In order to be able to efficiently share data it is necessary to have an open integration platform, which provides a common interface for management and monitoring of comprehensive systems. An irreplaceable and important issue in the construction and subsequent implementation of the system is meticulous project preparation, which is based on detailed knowledge of the protected objects, operational processes and work procedures, as well as on organisational measures.

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