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Other technologies

Did you not find a certain technology or solution in our detailed offer? Here is a brief overview of the technologies that usually complement the main solution, but can also be used separately as stand-alone technologies:

  • Attendance systems

    These systems register the working hours of employees and may be combined with access control system.

  • Queue management systems

    These systems simplify client check-in processes at counters, in waiting rooms or anywhere else. Connections to identification systems may also be used. In addition, the systems may provide basic information to optimise the check-in process.

  • Combined access and payment management

    This technology is used by fitness centres, swimming pools and also by libraries to automate the operation of these establishments.

  • Parking systems

    The basic variants of these systems enable monitoring of entrances or parking capacity, while advanced systems help with navigation to free parking spaces.

  • Backup power supplies

    These provide the actual security for other technologies in terms of power safety. A formal implementation includes a combination of UPS units and diesel power generators.

  • Telephone systems

    The systems comprise telephone switchboards and wiring. They may be connected, for example, to entry recording systems.

  • Home (video) telephones

    These compliment the control process of certain access / entrance areas and allowing free visitor access, etc.

  • Low-current distribution wiring in buildings and their controlling technologies

    Modern buildings utilise the ever-growing number of technologies from conventional television signal distribution (including STA) to various building control technologies: air conditioning, recuperation, heating, shielding systems, automatic watering systems, etc.

Should you need more information or if you did not find what you were looking for, do not hesitate to contact us!