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Perimeter protection systems

The word perimeter originates from the Greek words "peri" (round and around) and "metron" (dimension, gauge), so one of its main interpretations is the actual boundary of an area. However, from a security system point of view, the definition of the term is much broader. The term may refer to an airport, a production plant area, the garden border of a family house, the exterior of a building or selected areas within the building.

At the beginning of so-called perimeter protection, people built high walls around castles and manned them with determined warriors on both sides. Today, however, the vast majority of perimeter security is represented by a combination of simpler forms of physical perimeter protection and electronic systems. The main purpose of mechanical protection systems, fences, is not to ensure the complete impregnability of the protected area, but rather clearly define the border, give time to electronic protection systems to locate the intrusion site, identify the intruder, for example, through use of a camera system, and take effective action against the intruder.

As with most electronic systems that make up the overall security system, today's market offers a wide range of systems using different physical principles that offer higher or lower levels of efficiency, reliability and, of course, very different prices. It must be remembered that we are operating in an outdoor environment with free-moving people and wildlife on one side of the border, so these systems must be able to, and in some cases even gradually learn, how to cope with alarms from such sources. The implementation of perimeter protection systems requires precision, many years of experience and detailed knowledge of the relevant technologies.

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