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Access Control System (ACS)

Access systems belong to the most frequently encountered security systems among common users. Card, contactless chip or biometric data enable user passage through doors, turnstiles, staff access points or even automotive passage through checkpoints, gates and barriers. A normal part of life for the majority of us. What happens in the background of these events not only depends on the technical sophistication of the access system, but also on how the system is interconnected with other security systems.

Illustrative example

A normal arrival at a workplace will serve as an example. You hold a contactless card (ID) in your hand and go through a turnstile. You are now inside and your card is activated to facilitate your user rights. You can ride the elevator, enter offices, data rooms, use photocopiers, go to lunch, pick up any required documentation from the archive and log into your computer. The operator knows if you are at work, so if someone calls you, it will save time and reduce stress levels by redirecting your customer calls from an empty office. This is a dynamic change in authorisation, where IDs (card, chip,…), providing they have not passed the approved verification procedure, are only empty boxes and cannot be misused. Of course, it depends on the form of verification as to whether the passing worker is the authorised ID holder. The analytical functions of the camera system, biometric technologies or security may be used but it always depends on the choice of a specific user.

Access rights

However, before we reached the entrance turnstile, the ID had to be created somewhere. Most often it is done in the personnel department by PaM (Personnel and Payroll System). From there it continues to the user management system which oversees the entire security system, and also to someone who manages your access and other permissions. The access system and PaM are interconnected systems that exchange information in both directions. An irreplaceable role of PaM is the ability to define the life cycle of an ID card within the security system. Only within the personnel department do they know in real time that someone has slammed the door and left the company, even suddenly day to day, or that someone was promoted and moved to another building, location or state. Thus, all authorisations must automatically expire on the said date be adjusted accordingly. All without the undesired human factor. The described process is full of daily changes that must be regularly updated and backed up. And this is no small task.

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