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Intrusion detection system (IDS)

The original purpose of IDS was to identify an attempted intrusion, preferably before it occurs. However, present-day technologies offer much more, use top processors, provide for a wide range of communication options and communicate with a number of graphic superstructures. If we talk about professional systems, we can divide them into "pure-bred" intrusion detection system and "two or more in one" systems. The second option combines a single common control panel for control of the security system, electronic access, perimeter protection and, of course, a camera system. Each of these options is used for a certain purpose and each of them is produced by manufacturers or workshops in many variations. The architecture used by most manufacturers is very similar. Control units / switchboards communicate via one or more serial lines with concentrators, keypads and other active elements. Concentrators are used to connect end elements to the system. End elements are a comprehensive set of detectors utilising various physical principles of motion detection, glass breakage, shock, demolition, but also status detection including open/closed, identification of flooding or rising temperature, switchboard power loss, air conditioning failure or attempted theft.

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