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Fire detection systems (FDS)

Technical equipment designed to increase the fire safety of buildings. It is a dedicated fire safety device. FDS consists of control units / switchboards, cables, a network of automatic and emergency fire alarms and transmission and additional modules. The purpose of an FDS installation is the timely detection of emerging fires, localisation of the fire site and the signalling of this information to permanent and properly trained staff.

Design, installation, commissioning and operation are subject to a number of binding regulations.

  • CSN 73 0875 Fire safety of buildings – requirements on electrical fire alarms under the relevant fire safety solution
  • CSN 34 2710 Fire detection systems – design, installation, use, operation, inspection, service, maintenance
  • CSN EN 54 Fire detection systems – set of standards
  • CSN 34 2300 Regulations for internal electronic communication and distribution lines

According to Decree No. 246/2001 Coll., as amended, and the CSN 73 0875 standard, the basic documentation required to prepare a fire alarm project is the relevant building fire safety assessment (BFSA). BFSA determines whether the building is to be equipped with a mandatory  fire detection and fire alarm systems and what the required connections will be.

FDS according to ELTES, s.r.o.:

  • We understand the wisdom of our ancestors, who saw fire as a good servant but evil master. We only offer products and systems complying with the highest technological levels.
  • Redundant control units / switchboards, clear and legible boards, remote access, several interfaces and standardised protocols and support for comprehensive fire alarm networks are the building blocks of our systems.
  • Full integration into graphic monitoring systems in the form of separate plans increases system efficiency.

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