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Biometric identification systems

Many years ago, pioneers of modern criminology realised the value of papillary lines on fingers, palms, toes and feet for proper identification of people. It was back in July 1891 when František Protivenský, a trainee at that time, began to establish the first dactyloscopic cards. Not even 100 years had passed before modern technologies started gradually invading our lives and we became everyday users of biometric sensors when making payments in stores, handling accounts, accessing computers or travelling with a passport that contains our biometric data.

Security systems supplied by our company are equipped with fingerprint sensors, hand geometry sensors, and 2D and 3D face or bloodstream scanners. Iris, voice or characteristic gait elements are also worth mentioning. Biometric sensors have become a standard part of access systems. The appropriate selection of a biometric reader or scanner is necessary in order to ensure successful integration into a security system. We always carefully consider all entry requirements in order to optimise the relationship between the required level of security, price and operational needs of our client. For example, if fingerprint sensors are less expensive and more available or preferable in terms of size, then their disadvantage is that they are easily deceived. On the other hand, iris identification is highly reliable, fast and, of course, optimal in terms of hygiene. However, such bonuses also carry higher prices. As for the implementation of biometric identification systems, we strictly follow the valid legal rules in the Czech Republic. We shall guide you safely through this area as well.

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